Mini Forest

QBig give shades of green by presenting a small forest in the shopping center. Area that filled with shady trees and green grass can create a calm and soothing atmosphere, as well as provide comfort to visitors shortly after shopping with friends and family.

Koi Pond

Fish pond that presents a calm atmosphere, where you can enjoy with your beloved children, family, and friends.

Water Cascade

Just close by, amid the green of our park, it is the water cascaded down into the stone wall, followed with the soothing sound of the gurgling water. All streams are naturally flowing, coddling our eyes with beautiful and breathtaking view.

Green Tiered Seating

The area that covered with expanse of grass and equipped with wooden benches around the edges of the park. This place would have been so pleasurable to relax and take some cool fresh air, where you are heartedly talking among each other and children are playing around.